SAP TechEd 2011 Keynote

No question, SAP HANA is the main event.  Vishal Sikka has sweeping expectations for this product.  For those unfamiliar with the tool, HANA is essentially a box of high-speed memory to replace hard disk.  This is certainly an over-simplification.  From all advertisements it can take calculations and reports that currently run in hours and days down to seconds.

What I found most interesting is the view that Vishal imagined in which a single SAP HANA hardware instance was subdivided to provide “virtual” in-memory spaces for all necessary systems at a corporation.  This seemed to indicate SAP was entering the VM space as a competitor with the added benefit of extremely high-speed in-memory.

SAP BW was identified as one of the next big pushes in the SAP HANA team.  More information is expected later this year.

This idea of in-memory computing is something that all companies should be looking more into.

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